By trucks and trailers or large lorries and trailers, D’Agostino s.r.l. is able to carry bulky items or light items in a convenient manner, by optimizing the cargo stacking mode and by using the whole volume of the vehicles in an optimal manner.


D’Agostino s.r.l. is specialized in the transportation of automotive spare parts. The manufacturing sector, which is the world leaders as far as the turnover concerns, requires speed and delivery accuracy and a reliable partner is a must for such an exigent industry. The rapidity of the response and the satisfaction of our customers in this sector is strength of our company.


To provide express transport, by eliminating pauses or stops, from picking up goods until delivery, D’Agostino s.r.l is available to customize transports for each of its customers, as soon as possible, with departures on request, showing the same care and attention to the goods, by delivering them as soon as possible, and paying particular attention to the cargo tracking during transport.


Taking less time than the partial loads or the consolidated shipments, the full load shipment can be made within 24 hours, given the shorter distance. If the goods you want to ship weighs a lot or requires more space, this service is the one that best meets your needs. We are available for multifarious requirements of our customers.
The partial loads are those shipments which do not occupy the entire cargo space of the vehicle. By loading goods together with other cargos you may get more favourable prices calculated according to the space occupied in the vehicle or the weight of the goods concerned. In this way, not only the customer will benefit but also our environment. Our team will find the best solution for you, taking into account the duration and quantity of goods you want to ship, by setting them together with you, to bring you satisfaction in each possible way.


D’Agostino s.r.l. provides you support, in whole or in part, for the shipment and transport of dangerous goods under the provisions of ADR, by using vehicles and a trained and qualified personnel, or by the help of other specialized carriers in possession of ADR professional certification, specialized in the transport of dangerous goods.


D’Agostino S.r.l. has introduced in 2017 the COMBINED INTERMODAL TRANSPORT service from Italy for several destinations in Northern Europe (Germany, Benelux, United Kingdom)


This new combined transport service allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and to satisfy needs and requests of our customers.


This new service is realized using only P400 Units, MEGA / Granvolume Semi-trailers.


Combined intermodal transport offers several advantages:


  • Load Capacity of Semi-trailers up to 28 tons and 100 cubic meters;
  • Short delivery times with a certain date;
  • Fixed cost for the whole year

Another big advantage is the absence of road traffic, without forgetting environmental protection.


In fact, intermodal transport is certainly more ecological than road transport and has a positive impact on environmental protection.