Since 2017, our company has introduced the combined intermodal transport by offering a new, efficient and ecological service, which allows goods to be transported in an economic, sustainable and safe way.

The methodology used in intermodal transport uses various modes of transport such as train and ship transport.

In this way, our semi-trailers, exclusively P400 type units (MEGA / Large volume tarpaulin semi-trailers), are handled on different means of transport in an optimal way and with a considerable amortization of costs.

Integrated transport offers several advantages:

  1.  Loading capacity of semi-trailers up to 28 tons and 100 cubic meters;
  2.  Short delivery times;
  3.  Fixed cost for the whole year;
  4.  Sustainable mobility.

This allows us and you, not only to save and speed up the delivery and reception times of the goods but, above all, to create a valid alternative that combines the need for freight transport with the lowest possible environmental impact.

The advantages of intermodal transport are therefore many and all tailored to our customers.

To date, we have more than 100 units, active throughout Europe and Great Britain with the latest generation trailers and tractors that allow us to meet all your needs.

Innovation and versatility have always accompanied us in our path of growth and enhancement which has as its objective the satisfaction and happiness of our customers.