Was born in 2003 in Castiglione Messer Raimondo, in the province of Teramo, from the idea of ​​providing a dynamic and efficient transport service, capable of syncretizing the experience in the transport and logistics sector, with the punctuality and seriousness of the founders.

With an average of 150 vehicles loaded each week, D’Agostino s.r.l., through its focus on customer requirements, has gained credibility and trust in the world of national and international logistics.

Ambition and perseverance have made it possible for the company to establish itself even in the panorama of foreign transport with destinations throughout Europe, such as Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and extra-Europeans such as the United Kingdom.

The company operates from two locations: the main one located in Italy and the branch office in Cluj Napoca, Romania, which gives flexibility and efficiency to shipments to Eastern Europe.

Thanks to the experience of its founders in the field of road transport and related logistic services, in a few years, the company has established itself and has increased its turnover without ever giving up on quality, innovation and the enhancement of the services offered. to its customers.

Since 2017, among the many services offered and with the desire to follow in the wake of innovation, Intermodal Transport has also been added. Capable of increasing our efficiency and speed.

In 2020 we expanded our operational team, with thirty owned tractors and more than one hundred trailers on national and international territory, managed by competent, professional and experienced people in the field of transport.

In D’Agostino you can find the experience and skill of the founders consolidated over the long years within the environment amalgamated with the innovation, preparation and dynamism of young employees who manage road and intermodal traffic with effectiveness and professionalism, without ever losing sight of the main objective: the satisfaction of our customers.

D’Agostino S.r.l. is an Italian company, private, independent from the major companies and managed, even today, by its founding owners.

Our goal is the same from day one: to respond in the best way possible, transport after transport.

Our Mission

  • Freight Security
  • Making transportation fast and safe
  • Reliability of transport
  • Clearance and compliance service
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services
  • Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment
  • Be an Active Community Partner
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Drive Continuous Improvement

Our Team


+39 0861 185 55 12carmine.dagostino@dagostinosrl.com
Vincenzo D’Agostino
+39 0861 185 56 38vincenzo.dagostino@dagostinosrl.com
Giampiero D’Agostino
+39 0861 185 04 16giampiero.dagostino@dagostinosrl.com
Rachele Giuliani
Customer & Supplier Service
+39 0861 185 5638rachele.giuliani@dagostinosrl.com
Marco Pavone
Giuseppina Petito
Denis Pomante
+39 08 61 18 56 380denis.pomante@dagostinosrl.com
Daniele Mantini
Filippo Baiocchi


Assistant Manager
+40 742 739 301andreea.mocan@dagostinosrl.com
Sebastian Bratfalean
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Anita Bihari
Customer Service
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