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was established in the municipality of Castiglione Messer Raimondo of the province of Teramo in the year 2003, with the aim to provide a dynamic and efficient service transport, combining the company founders’ experience in the field of transport and logistics with their punctuality and reliability.

With an average of 150 vehicles loaded each week, D’Agostino srl, through its focus on customer requirements, gained the credibility and trust of the national and international logistics sector.

Our ambition and consistency made it possible for our company to distinguish itself also in the field of European transports, with usual destinations such as Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands etc.

We have permanent business establishments in Italy and in Romania, by our subsidiary in Alba Iulia, which provides us flexibility and efficiency for shipments to Eastern Europe.

Thanks to the experience of company founders in the land transport sector and related logistics services, over few years, the company succeeded to make a name in this field and to increase its turnover without giving up the quality, innovation and permanent improvement of the services provided to its customers.

Customers’ satisfaction is the main goal and motivation of our business.

D’Agostino s.r.l. is an Italian, entirely private owned company, independent from the major companies, being managed by its founding owners.

We do know our customers’ expectations! Our goal: to respond in the best way possible, a transport after the other.



In 1989 an individual enterprise has been established by Carmine D’Agostino, acting as a small entrepreneur and dealing with ADR transports within a mutual association.


In the year 2003 the individual enterprise has been changed to D’AGOSTINO S.R.L. thanks to the cooperation with Vincenzo D’Agostino. The company was always involved in ADR transports, waste transports and international transports under TIR agreement. At the same time, the vehicle fleet expanded by the purchase of tractor units and semitrailers.


Giampiero D’Agostino becomes shareholder in the year 2011. The company grows and enters into cooperation agreements with leading partners in Europe. The vehicle fleet is further expanded, reaching a total number of 20 units owned by the company.


In the year 2012 the company D’AGOSTINO AUTOTRASPORTI SRL has been established with the registered office in Romania (Alba Iulia). The company increases its competitiveness on the European markets thanks to the support of some major vehicles providers across Europe.


Currently D’AGOSTINO is able to use a vehicle fleet of over 100 mega trailer vehicles and provides transport services throughout Europe.



D’Agostino S.r.l. has introduced in 2017 the COMBINED INTERMODAL TRANSPORT service from Italy for several destinations in Northern Europe (Germany, Benelux, United Kingdom)

This new combined transport service allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and to satisfy needs and requests of our customers.


Carmine D’Agostino


Giampiero D’Agostino

Traffic Department

Vincenzo D’Agostino

Traffic Department